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Colmor Marine Group Inc. has an extensive selection of tools to prepare us for any salvage, spill, survey or transportation requirement. We also have local partners that provide additional specialist equipment when the job requires it.

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Small Vessels
  • 32 foot 12 passenger crew boat Ata-Tude

  • 34 foot 12 passenger crew boat Pacific Seeker

  • 24 foot 12 passenger 733 Hurricane zodiac

  • 40 foot powered crane barge

  • 34 foot land craft Gwa Yam

  • 46 foot salvage vessel Ceefer Raider

Heavy Lift Vessels

Our salvage partners provide a multitude of heavy lift crane barges and tugs as needed for large scale recoveries. 

Specialty Dive Gear
  • Mobile salvage command centre

  • 100,000 pounds of lift recovery bags

  • Underwater welding and cutting torches

  • 500 feet of oil spill boom

  • High definition live video feed and recording equipment

  • Pneumatic power tools

Side Scan & ROV

Colmor Marine Group Inc. employs staff and technologies capable of conducting a multitude of shallow and deep water surveys. We use remotely operted vehicles and side scan equipment as well as non destructive testing metal testing gear. In addition we have high resolution camera equipment for dock and mooring inspections.

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