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We serve the British Columbia people and wildlife, protecting the coastline from spills, and derelict vessels, whilst providing logistical and passenger support.

Logistics and Support

The experienced crew of Colmor Marine Group Inc, have extensive knowledge and experience with large scale project management and disaster response. Having worked on large scale marine emergencies we know how to implement and use the incident command systems and have the ability to establish and support emergency response, logistics, coordination, construction and passenger movements

Marine Salvage

Our roots began with marine salvage and we are proud to have worked directly on the largest marine salvage operations in recent memory in British Columbia. We are equipped and trained to manage hazardous materials, overhead, and complex environments. From small recoveries to large scale salvage missions we have the relationships, equipment and expertise to get the job done effectively and safely.

Spill Response

Our crew is equipped and trained as initial spill response technicians. We are proud to work alongside and support industry leaders such as Western Canadian Marine Response Corporation. Our crews are all equipped with absorbent boom and spill pads to manage initial response to sunken vessels, accidental harbour spills and other incidents.

Passenger Transportation

Passenger and cargo transportation is at the heart of our company roots. We have a multitude of certified 12 passenger water taxis which can be trailered throughout Vancouver Island. These vessels are also capable of managing significant loads of cargo. With an impeccable safety record don’t leave your valuable crew and cargo to chance. 

ROV & Side Scan Surveys

Colmor Marine Group Inc. employs staff and technologies capable of conducting a multitude of shallow and deep water surveys. We use remotely operted vehicles and side scan equipment as well as non destructive testing metal testing gear. In addition we have high resolution camera equipment for dock and mooring inspections.

Vessel Disposal

Derelict vessels are becoming an increasingly environmental and navigational hazard throughout coastal British Columbia. From our industrial storage yard our team of experts are capable of moving, storing, recycling and disposing of small / medium sized vessels in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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